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2021 new portable gantry! Dual drive feet, Dual Rail tracks. long service life, Heavy industrial plasma cutting machine -$1488 promotion price


Create effective production strategies that encompass each customer requirement.

Fabricate each product within controlled environments with proficient personnel and processes.

Verify and measure those products against each customer’s requirements.

Consistently review, evaluate, and improve areas of the production strategy contributing to product quality and customer satisfaction.

2021 new design Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine on spot now!



Aluminium alloy  Geometric box structure beam, Much lighter compare to iron steel gantry type.

THC1628 new version compare to THC1621, ajust by button instead of knob. screen bigger easy view in dust conditions.

Nest softwar- TPL nest , compare to FASTCAM, it have official software  edit CAD file directly inside software. 50 more graphics in library,  Common edge cutting, support cloud nest support.


compare to Cross bow type portable cnc plasma, longer service life 10 more year no defections.  

dual feet drive, faster and accurate! silky operation with 200A-400A big plsama power.


This new type portable plasma machine can do the 90% more job of conventional iron gantry. but price is much cheaper. 

packing size much smaller.  for instance, 1600x3000mm net cutting area, packing is 2600*430*470mm 180kg